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Kelsey Grammer: I want more kids

Kelsey Grammer isn't done with having kids just yet.

The 60-year-old actor is a father to six kids from several different relationships, including his current with flight attendant spouse Kayte Walsh.

He may be getting on but Kelsey has hinted he isn't done with having little ones quite yet.

"I'm at six. My wife Kayte actually calls me Genghis Khan so... she likes to tell me I have dozens of children!" he laughed to talk show host David Letterman, referring to the historical figure who had many offspring with various wives.

"[I'm] probably not [at the end of the run]."

Kayte was backstage during the show and the camera showed her with their little ones Faith and Gabriel.

Asked about how he introduced daughter Faith to Gabriel following his arrival into the world last July, Kelsey recalled the tentative process.

"I'm very proud of my child production... Kayte was pregnant, I was [last here on the programme] for Transformers and now our baby boy is seven months old, Gabriel is here and he's doing a wonderful job as a baby. His older sister is two-and-a-half," the star smiled.

"It was with a little bit of trepidation at first [introducing them] but she was aware that something was going on and thought, 'Hm, universe centre... maybe not'. [She's gonna do] nothing [about it]. That lesson's being taught now."

Kelsey has reason to be a proud dad as two of his older daughters are actresses. Awkward star Kandace Greer, who he had with make-up artist Barrie Buckner, previously spoke about her father's support after she bagged the Miss Golden Globe 2015 award.

"My dad is super proud, I told him yesterday. He's not the best at keeping secrets sometimes, so I told him yesterday and he was so over the moon and so happy about it," she smiled.

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