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Kelsey Grammer: 'I'm a reformed drinker'

Kelsey Grammer has developed more patience as a father as he's become older.

Actor Kelsey Grammer doesn't consider alcohol a vice, despite battling an addiction to booze earlier in his career.

The 61-year-old Frasier star was first arrested for drink driving in the late 80s, and continued to have run ins with the law due to his addiction to alcohol and cocaine during the 90s, culminating in a stint in the Betty Ford rehab facility in 1996.

His substance abuse issues affected his work on both Cheers and hit spin off series Frasier, with both casts staging interventions to try and help their colleague, but despite all of this, Kelsey doesn't consider alcohol a vice.

"I’m a reformed drinker. I no longer go to AA and I still enjoy a drink," he told Britain's The Times Magazine. "People need to know how to move on, and put things in another place. Drinking is not a vice. I want my five minutes at 5pm every day when I have my cocktail, and I want no one to bother me during that time."

While Kelsey is now in a good place and knows he can enjoy a cocktail without his life spiraling out of control, he does not view his other former vice in the same way.

"If you can find a place where you can forgive yourself, then you can enjoy life very well," he continued. "That does not go for cocaine – you are dicing with death when you go down that road."

Kelsey's new outlook on life has also been aided by his marriage to fourth wife Kayte Walsh, who he married in 2011.

The couple has two children together, daughter Faith, three, and son Kelsey, 23 months, and the star knows he is a better father now than he was when he was younger, having become a dad for the first time in 1983 when his daughter Spencer, now 32, was born.

"In the time between having my first child and my most recent one, I have become a lot more patient," he said of his six children, which also includes daughters Kandace, 24 and Mason, 14 and son Jude,11. "My children are the apple of my eye. You think you’re all filled up with as much love as possible, then you have another child and you realise there’s still more there."

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