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Kelsey Grammer's youthful buttocks

Kelsey Grammer spends more time procrastinating than he does investing in things he wants to do.

Kelsey Grammer has a hairy back, but his bottom is "smooth and juvenile".

The American actor is arguably best known for playing radio psychiatrist Frasier Crane on the hit TV series Frasier, in which his natural comedy skills saw audiences roar with laughter. Away from the camera he's quite the funnyman too, as he divulged details about his butt during a segment with Empire magazine known as 'How much is a pink of milk?'

Quizzed on how hairy his backside is, Kelsey quipped: "Not so bad. Probably about a three (out of 10). My back is a 10, but my ass is sort of smooth and juvenile. It tapers off as it gets lower down, it's quite extraordinary. Who would have thought?!"

Kelsey was also asked to rate his level of fame from one to 10, and he settled on two. While many may disagree with him, the 61-year-old star revealed if he were to be honest he'd come across as "ridiculously egomaniacal".

He went on to name one thing he knows how to do better than anyone else, citing procrastinating. "I've accomplished quite a bit," the Toy Story 2 star said, "But there are several more things where I think, why haven't I done that yet? We do torture ourselves."

Over the years Kelsey has starred alongside some big names, from Ian McKellen in X-Men: The Last Stand to Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables 3. One of his fellow actors even gave him a nickname after working with him, which Kelsey shared during the chat.

"Kels. Le Kels is another one," he said of his jokey monikers. "Woody Harrelson (who he appeared opposite in Cheers) used to call me The Kels, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. There was another nickname I had for a while, Preppy Gone To Seed. That was from my buddy Richard Perkins, who said, 'He looks like a preppy gone to seed.' I know how to dress; it's just a little bit off."

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