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Kendra suffers stroke

Kendra Wilkinson had a stroke after getting into a serious car crash in April.

The model was driving on the 101 freeway on-ramp in Calabasas, California, when she got into a head-on collision with another car.

While it was already reported that Kendra was taken to hospital and treated for whiplash, it now turns out she also suffered a “minor stroke,” reports E! News.

Doctors found out through CT scans a few days after the accident occurred.

"They told her to take it easy and chill out for a couple of weeks, but she is fine," a source said. "There is nothing to worry about."

While the former Playboy model recovered well after her stay in hospital, she knew she was lucky not to have more injuries. Kendra’s black Audi sedan sustained serious damage to the front of the car.

Kendra tweeted a message soon after the accident thanking fans for their support.

"Just really reminded me how fragile life really is and how important love really is,” she said. "U know how you ‘change' after a car crash. Ya I definitely look at life differently after. (sic)"

The 28-year-old star and her husband Hank are parents to son Hank Jr., three, and are trying for another baby. The accident made her realise how vital her family is to her.

“The 'What if's' could have killed me and my son," she previously told Us Weekly. "I just am so thankful every day I wake up. I look at life in a whole different way because of it. It's like birth. Right after you give birth it's a whole different world. After you get in a car crash, it's a different feeling. It's a spiritual moment."

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