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Kendrick: Hurry up 30!

Anna Kendrick doesn't want people to think she's clinging on to her twenties.

The Pitch Perfect reaches the milestone age in August next year. She's known for tweeting hilarious messages to her followers and frequently complains about not feeling like a grownup. While that's still her mentality, she's eager to become a "real" adult.

"I feel great about it. I wish I was there already," she grinned to the British edition of Marie Claire when asked how she feels about hitting her third decade.

"Can I not just tell people I'm 30? Every time I say 29, it feels like I'm saying, 'I'm in my twenties, barely, but it still counts!' I'd rather just be like, 'I'm 30, I'm a grownup.' Well, I'm working on it."

She's achieved a lot throughout her career, appearing in the Twilight franchise and alongside Olivia Wilde in Drinking Buddies. With everything going so well, she's not worried about settling down and starting a family just yet, insisting she hasn't even thought about it.

Although that's not strictly true, as she recently tweeted it "blows her mind" that she's at an age where people would congratulate her if she did fall pregnant.

"I still feel that way," she laughed.

"I feel like I'm so deeply irresponsible that people should be horrified if I got pregnant. But plenty of people I know are doing it. I'm just pleased they are far more focused and responsible than me."

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