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Kendrick: New record is raw

Kendrick Lamar made his new album, i, for troubled kids and people in prison.

The 27-year-old hip hop star’s first album, Good Kid, m.A.A.d city, earned him multiple awards and seven Grammy nominations. His latest offering is simply titled i, and he says fans can expect a far more “raw” sound because he created it as motivation for troubled kids.

“I wrote a record for the homies that’s in the penitentiary right now,” Kendrick told American radio station Hot 97 on Monday. “And I also wrote a record for these kids that come up to my show with these slashes on their wrists saying they don’t want to live no more.”

The rapper has always been hailed for his unique music and determination to steer away from commercial influences. So whilst his slew of accolades from the industry are welcomed, they don’t make or break him.

“It’s great, but it’s not confirmation of success for me,” the Poetic Justice hit maker revealed.

On account of that, Kendrick was nonplussed by Macklemore beating him out to win the Best Rap Album at this year’s Grammys. The Thrift Shop star famously sent a text to his colleague apologising for the win, then made his message public.

“I think it was uncalled for,” said Kendrick of the debacle. “When he sent it to me, I was like, I can see him feeling that type of way because he a good dude. I think for confirmation from the world, he probably felt he had to put it out there, which he didn’t need to do. That don’t take nothing away from him anyway because I know where his heart is at (sic).”

Outside of making music, Kendrick does want to eventually venture into fatherhood. He told the radio hosts of his desire to have a large family one day.

“I love kids. I wanna have like 10 kids,” he confessed.

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