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Kendrick's sex toy confusion

Anna Kendrick questioned the purpose of a children's toy during her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

The brunette actress appeared on the TV personality's Late Show last night while promoting her latest movie, Disney's Into the Woods. Anna isn't one to keep her opinions to herself and it seems her appearance on David's programme was no exception as she gave fans a hint at what to expect on her Twitter account.

"Letterman booked me on my first ever talk show. Tonight we discuss doing drugs and sex toys. He's the best," she wrote proudly.

During their chat Anna felt she had to bring up a toy David had shown the audience earlier on. The gadget was designed to look like a cat's paw with a fluffy end, but the star immediately saw something else when looking at it.

"No, not really," she pondered when asked whether she knows what she wants for Christmas. "Can I say though that cat toy, that is a fur covered d***o no? That's what that is. No no, there was a factory, they were putting those out, they said put a mitten on it and sell it to children. No? Just, it's for kids now."

David, clearly amused and slightly embarrassed by Anna's comment, was quick to defend himself as the audience roared with laughter.

"Whatever you want it to be Anna," David deadpanned. "Can I have some cat toys please? Wow, that never... I don't know what's wrong with me but that never came to mind."

"No they thought they were being sneaky with that but we know," she grinned to the host.

Anna is always bubbly and upbeat while in the spotlight, giving the impression she is a lot younger than she actually is. But in reality she can't wait to reach 30 next August so she can become a "real adult".

"I feel great about it. I wish I was there already," she recently smiled to the British edition of Marie Claire when asked how she feels about hitting her third decade.

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