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Kerry Washington: I want Beyoncé on Scandal

Beyoncé would be a perfect guest star on hit US TV show Scandal, according to Kerry Washington.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Kerry Washington would love Beyoncé to star on Scandal.

The 38-year-old actress stars as Olivia Pope in the hit US TV show, which tells the story of her affair with the U.S. President.

Previous cameo roles in the programme have come from Lena Dunham, Lisa Kudrow and Portia de Rossi.

And Kerry has her sights set on the perfect person to make an appearance in an upcoming episode.

“It would be great to have somebody like Beyoncé on the show, because any time Beyoncé does anything, it makes the world stop, and I would just be happy,” Kerry said during a Sirius XM session with Entertainment Weekly editor Henry Goldblatt on Friday (25Sep15).

“Any time I get to be in a room with her, I’m like, ‘This is great.’”

The fifth season of the show premiered this week (beg21Sep15), and saw Olivia’s relationship with President Fitzgerald outed by former Vice President Sally Langston.

The development shocked fans, who have been watching Olivia and Fitz’s romance being shrouded in secrecy for the past four seasons.

Kerry admitted in a recent interview that the intense storylines on the show have a lasting impact on her day to day life.

“I think about her a lot, because the pace is so intense,” Kerry told Headline Global News. “When I'm not at work I'm still try to break down the episode, analyse it and arc it out.

“Also to discover what the themes are for my character and discover what the trajectory is and figuring out what the underbelly emotionally is. So I'm processing a lot of the time. It's also important not think about and spend time with my loved ones. I do have other things I do in my life.”

Kerry has had some traumatic storylines so far on Scandal. But when it comes to reading scripts for upcoming episodes, she always makes sure she has some input when it’s needed.

“Our writers are really open to feedback,” she explained. “We have such a great deal of respect for every word they write and also have a great respect for our understanding of the characters, so we don't really come to heads. Often we might say, ‘I don't know about this,’ and they'll say, ‘Let's look at it,’ and every once in a while we are right.”

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