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Kevin Bacon: Fame is bizarre

Kevin Bacon is getting sick of being recognised everywhere.

The actor is known all over the world thanks to his leading role in Footloose and is currently playing Ryan Hardy in TV show The Following.

While Kevin's fans love catching a glimpse of him, the 55-year-old sometimes wishes he could keep out of the limelight.

"Fame is very, very bizarre. If you just got it all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you would be like: ‘This is very weird,'" he admitted to British newspaper The Metro.

"Then you kind of get used to it and think: ‘This is what my life is.’ If I had superpowers, invisibility would be a totally cool thing. The idea of going through the world invisibly would be so fascinating to me."

The star began acting as a child, which could explain his desire to have a break from all the attention that comes from being an A-lister.

However, he isn't afraid to admit that fame is something all show people strive for.

"I do not believe those people who say: ‘Well, you know, he’s an actor but he’s really super-shy and doesn’t want the limelight,'" he said.

"That’s rubbish – I don’t believe it. Show me an actor who doesn’t want to be famous and I will show you a liar. Actors want to be famous. That’s part of what drives us. That’s what drove me initially."

Kevin is married to actress Kyra Sedgwick and together they have children Travis and Sosie.

Their daughter Sosie is keen to act, while Travis is pursuing a career as a musician, but Kevin and his wife aren't sure they want their kids in the spotlight.

"They got a message from us that acting wasn’t the thing to do," he revealed.

"I’ve done OK, and so has Kyra, but when thinking about a life in showbusiness, we were focusing so much on what the struggles would be – the rejection, the judgment, the competition, the amped-up stakes when you are the child of well-known actors.

"You are only as happy as your least happy child. You want your children to live a life with as little struggle as possible and you never want bad things to happen. But that’s just not possible."

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