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Kevin Hart: Keep it positive

Kevin Hart has described himself as "the most confident little guy you'll ever meet".

The Get Hard actor was one of the stars named in the infamous hacked Sony emails. Despite being described as a "w***e" by executives, the 35-year-old remained dignified in the aftermath and didn't lash out, and during a chat with British newspaper Metro he explained why.

"I'm the most confident little guy you'll ever meet. It's so hard to make me mad. What do I have to be angry about?" he questioned. "I am blessed. I know where I came from, I see what I worked hard to get, I'm doing what I love. I have no room for negative energy."

The comedian is known for his upbeat and lively personality. When asked how he maintains that outlook despite the pressures that come with Hollywood, Kevin's answer was simple.

"Being a realist. At the end of the day, this is entertainment. This is Hollywood. This is fake," he explained.

Keeping in mind what's real is how the star goes about picking his roles. Even in his latest venture Get Hard, which has somewhat of an outrageous premise, Kevin was able to see the fundamental issue it was addressing. The comedy is about a millionaire who is convicted of fraud and calls upon a tough guy to help him prepare for jail.

"It's funny. We are both the same guy in our own right," he explained about his and co-star Will Ferrell's characters. "You're looking at two men who have judged another individual based on an appearance and what we assume the lifestyle could be. As much as I think he's wrong for assuming I've been to prison because I'm black, I'm wrong for assuming that he's this thief and conniving individual because of where he works.

"Regardless of how crazy the premise is, we ground it by facing the stereotypes people have."

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