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Kevin Jonas 'empowered' by DIY

Kevin Jonas felt "empowered" after laying a wooden floor at his new home.

The star spoke about his DIY mishaps and successes while discussing his new reality TV series Married to Jonas, which airs on E! next month.

The show reveals a different side to the wholesome musician as cameras track his domestic life with his wife Danielle.

"I'm really good with a guitar. A hammer - not so much," Kevin told Access Hollywood.

"There's a lot of me trying to do that stuff and I actually take pride in it because I feel like it's ownership in something, and I feel empowered when I do it. I really enjoy it.

"I put all the flooring down in our basement wood flooring. I tried and I did a pretty good job."

Danielle appears to be less impressed with her husband's skills. Nevertheless, he has vowed to continue sprucing up their home on his own.

"Yeah, she did put a carpet over it. And then planting trees, some are bigger than others and some are not exactly the ones we ordered, but hey, they look great," he laughed.

The 24-year-old star was keen to give a real snapshot into his life. For that reason, some of his more heated exchanges with Danielle will feature.

"Fighting happens in marriage. If it didn't, it'd be kind of strange. And it's communication. It's resolving things," he said. "This show actually allowed us to learn to communicate even better than we did before."

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