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Kevin Jonas' wife has 'Cinderella story'

Kevin Jonas' wife's "Cinderella story" will be told in a new reality TV show.

The Jonas Brothers singer wed Danielle Deleasa in December 2009. They are the stars of a new programme called Married to Jonas, which will air on the E! channel and is being produced by Ryan Seacrest.

The show will follow Kevin and his wife as they get used to married life. The star will also be seen preparing to create new music with his brothers and bandmates Joe and Nick.

"Danielle is living a true Cinderella story after marrying into pop royalty, partnering in Kevin's larger-than-life career and becoming a 'Jonas,' a name synonymous with hit music and a worldwide fan base," president of E! programming Lisa Berger is quoted as saying by

"The series presents a unique look at a young couple and their families from two entirely different worlds, one small town and one dealing with international fame, coming together as one and starting a whole new life together."

Danielle used to be a hairdresser and met Kevin, 24, while they were both holidaying in the Bahamas in 2007.

She comes from a big Italian family who all have opinions they are happy to share. Married to Jonas will show her adapting to life with an internationally famous singer.

Ryan has discussed why he decided to make the upcoming series. He admits being intrigued about the young couple's life.

"I vividly recall believing from the very first time that I met them that the Jonas Brothers would, without a doubt, become a worldwide cultural sensation," he said.

"When we learned that Dani married Kevin, our production team became curious about what life would be like for a young bride entering the excitement, and sometimes chaos, of a pop star's life. Looking through the lens of young love, the show will examine the ups and downs of Dani and Kevin's marriage, against the backdrop of their contrasting family cultures, traditions and individual careers."

The programme will air in the US from August.

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