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Kevin McHale grateful for Glee

Kevin McHale was especially grateful for the success of Glee's hit singles as he'd previously been in a failed boyband.

The Glee actor, along with his cast mates, have enjoyed massive success with the musical TV show about a group of high school students with a passion for singing.

The show has amassed a huge fan base, and spawned a number of hit singles. The first song to be released was Journey's rock anthem Don't Stop Believin', which topped charts the world over. Kevin was especially pleased with the achievement, as he'd previously been a pop group that flopped in the music stakes.

"There weren't many highs - we really weren't very successful," Kevin laughed to British newspaper Metro about his failed NLT band. "It was good training for Glee, because I knew all about recording session, dance rehearsals and touring.

"When Glee first started and the music did well - the people at the record label would send me figures each week - and when Don't Stop Believin' got to number four, I texted Lea [Michele], Cory [Monteith] and Amber [Riley] and told them and they were like: 'Is that good?' I was like : 'You guys!'"

The 26-year-old star always dreamed of merging his love for acting and singing, and when he was cast as Artie Abrams for the 2009 debut of Glee he was overjoyed.

The programme had to overcome personal tragedy when Cory, who played jock Finn Hudson, passed away in 2013 of a heroin and alcohol overdose, but is now gearing up to film its sixth and final season.

"[Because] going from working for years in a boyband and never getting anywhere to suddenly working on a record that sold hundreds of thousands in a week was really nice," Kevin added. "It was nice to be associated with something people gave a sh*t about."

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