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Kevin McHale: I feel like Superman

Kevin McHale feels like his glasses have magical powers and make him invisible.

The 26-year-old is best known for his role in hit Fox series Glee, which recently ended. Kevin is now spending his time in England, hosting the second series of panel show Virtually Famous, and he's enjoying the fact he isn't always recognised.

"It's funny - if my hair is up and I don't wear my glasses no one notices [me], but once I put my hair down and put glasses on, I'm recognised," he told British newspaper Metro. "It's like Superman. All I need to do is take off my glasses and no one recognises me."

Virtually Famous sees two teams compete, with Kevin presiding over the rounds, which focus on things from the Internet. Celebrities join the team captains each week and the actor thinks a few of his former Glee cast mates would make great contestants.

"Some would be up for it. Becca [Tobin] would be good," he said. "Naya Rivera would be great too - but she's too pregnant to fly over."

Kevin would love to see his co-stars on British shores as he admitted to the publication that after six series together, he's missing being with them 24/7.

"I'm sad I won't see everyone every day. And the job security was nice," he added. "Now I might need to start stripping. You'll find me in [London gentlemen's club] Stringfellows."

While Kevin hasn't yet visited such an establishment during his time in the English capital, he has had time to enjoy some other local activities when he's not filming.

"I did go to my first proper football game recently. It was Chelsea v Tottenham," he said. "But I heard that stuff about Chelsea being racist and thought maybe I shouldn't support this team?"

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