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Khloé: I'd be Beyoncé

Khloé Kardashian looks to Beyoncé Knowles as a celebrity with the "full package".

The reality star is in awe of the pop diva and her talents. If given the opportunity to become another celebrity for a day Khloé would embody the 32-year-old singer.

"I would be Beyoncé. Who would not wanna be Beyoncé? She is the full package. God she's hot and she just dances and sings and is on a yacht. She's just so phenomenal," Khloé gushed to BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw.

"I've met Beyoncé a few times, she is so sweet. She's really so sweet, down to earth - she's just as beautiful. It's so annoying when you meet people and they're still so pretty and nice. She's just a perfect person."

Khloé, along with her larger-than-life family, is the centre of reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Season eight recently aired and the 29-year-old beauty is thrilled at the public's response to their antics. However, she still finds it embarrassing to watch herself back on the small screen.

"When we film, because I'm so comfortable, I don't think about how many people are watching. You just film and do whatever," she explained.

"[I don't watch it] when it's on TV, we watch it before it airs. We get to see what the episode is gonna be about... but on TV, it makes me uncomfortable. I watch older episodes and I think it's fun to watch. But the newer ones, I hate hearing my voice. I can't hear my voice, it's so annoying. My laugh is so annoying. I think my voice makes me cringe."

When not in front of a TV camera and her female siblings - sisters Kourtney and Kim and half-sisters Kendall and Kylie - love taking photos of themselves on their phones.

To create the perfect photo Kim has one particular rule she follows.

"You have to arch it up, to have the camera up above, down below gives you too many double chins, so up above and whatever face you make," Khloé advised.

"Kim is a huge flash person. It's still her theory to this day and if the flash is not on she's like, 'Oh no, can we delete that?' She wants to see you delete it and re-do it with the flash."

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