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Khloé opens up about Lamar

Khloé Kardashian feels “at war” with herself since her husband Lamar Odom went off the rails.

The reality TV star has been going through a rocky patch in her relationship with Lamar Odom, following allegations of his drug use and infidelity. Although Khloé has remained vague about their woes, in the season finale of Keeping up with the Kardashians she was clearly considering her future with Lamar.

“I’m at war with myself,” she told E!’s cameras. “I want to help him but maybe sometimes the best help is stepping away… Sometimes things are bigger than yourself and I don’t have a plan. I don’t know what the next step is…

“A lot has been going on the past couple years, just with me and Lamar and I’ve made that choice myself to just keep that within my marriage. But lately, it’s getting bigger than me.

“I just feel like I might need some more help so I have to kind of tell my family.”

In the last episode of season eight, Khloé finally decided to open her heart to a family member. Admitting that dealing with Lamar’s issues alone was taking its toll, she turned to her brother Rob for advice and support. She confessed to feeling frustrated that so many people had been contacting her wanting to know where Lamar was.

“He’s so lovable… and he’s a great athlete. It sucks. It’s just never been this way. All you can do is pray and just keep trying if you want to try. If not…” Rob said.

“What am I supposed to do?” Khloé replied. “I’ve done everything... If someone, God forbid, gets their legs cut off or you get breast cancer, do you just leave someone because they’re slowing down your life? I’m trying to help and save.”

“It’s worse than that because he’s really hurting you,” Rob claimed. “It’s not even a win situation for anybody.”

Rob then went on to tell Khloé that he was moving out of the home she shares with Lamar because of the “bad energy”.

Later in the episode, Khloé made no secret of her despair after having to make excuses for Lamar when his agent called looking for him.

“As many times as I’ve protected Lamar or dodged a bullet for him, lately everything is getting more than what I can protect or control — I’m getting bombarded with questions and I don’t know what to say,” she confessed.

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