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Friday 25 April 2014

Khloe Kardashian laughs off Lamar's rap dream

Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian has admitted she "doesn't like to encourage" her husband Lamar Odom's rap ambitions.

The reality TV star joked about Lamar's friendship with her sister Kim's rapper beau Kanye West.

The 28-year-old cringed as she discussed how her husband has grown fixated on making it as a successful music star after being encouraged by Kanye.

"He [Kanye] and Lamar get along really well, it's really funny because Lamar thinks he's really good, no he is really good, he can actually rap. He's really good at the writing, he doesn't think it, but he is good at it, he really is. I don't like to encourage it too much as he gets really over excited about it," Khloé told US talk show host Jay Leno. "He's sent Kanye his lyrics and Kanye likes them. They kind of egg each other on... bounce things off each other. I'm like, 'Kim I'm so sorry! He's done it again!' He's gone Kanye crazy a bit."

The host of US X Factor continued to discuss her husband's musical skills.

She quipped that she tries not to take any notice of his rap lyrics, as they can be lengthy documents to read.

"Can I remember any lyrics he wrote? Absolutely not! Noo, I cannot. They go on for days..." she laughed. "We were in Australia once and Lamar was there rapping, and Kim was like, 'Seriously how do you do this? He raps so much!' I was like, 'Hello! Kim, look who you are dating right now, you are dating a rapper. This is what you get!'"

The star hinted that marriage could be on the cards for her stunning sister and Kanye.

She also made reference to her pushy mother Kris Jenner, known as a 'momager', for her involvement in her daughters' careers and own desire to be famous.

"There is a chance for everything," Khloé replied when asked if Kanye could become her brother-in-law. When asked if her mom can sing, she jokingly added: "Oh, come on! My mom would do anything for that ten percent wouldn't she!"

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