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Kidman: Fallon will kill me!

Nicole Kidman has admitted “it was awkward” when she told Jimmy Fallon she once tried to date him.

During her appearance on the Tonight Show, the 47-year-old actress told the host of a time she thought they were on a date, but he shut her down. Now she thinks Jimmy is less than impressed about her “awkward” admittance of once having romantic intentions with him.

“He’ll kill me,” she told the Associated Press. “As I said, I’ll probably never be asked — I’ll never go back on the show. No, just joking. Yeah, it was awkward. The whole thing was awkward. But anyway.”

When prompted to elaborate on whether or not she was trying to “seduce” the funnyman, Nicole shied away. But she made it clear she had been interested in him.

“Um, was I trying to seduce him? I don’t know if seduction is part of my repertoire. I think I was more just kind of open to the idea, which never eventuated, so…” Nicole giggled.

In the following days, the Australian star has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight it was “totally real”. She also explained her current husband Keith Urban takes no issue with the incident.

“[Keith] knew the story because we watch Fallon,” Nicole told Extra. “I don’t think he knew it in that detail. It was fun.”

The moment in question took place when Nicole was talking to Jimmy on national television about how they first met. Her memory of the events was apparently different to his.

“I just remember I liked you... So I go over, and you’re there in a baseball cap, and like nothing... and you wouldn’t talk!” Nicole laughed, adding she ended up leaving embarrassed because he “had no interest” in her.

Jimmy was visibly taken aback by the confession, calling it “unbelievable”.

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