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Kidman: Sunday wants to be on The Voice Kids

Nicole Kidman says daughter Sunday Rose wants to compete on singing competition TV show The Voice Kids.

The 47-year-old actress is mother to six-year-old Sunday Rose and four-year-old Faith Margaret with husband Keith Urban.

And while Keith previously revealed that both his girls take after him musically, Nicole has opened up about Sunday’s aims for the future.

When it comes to making a name for herself, the child has set her sights on the small screen – wanting to compete on Australian singing competition show The Voice Kids.

But Nicole says she wouldn’t be able to take it if Sunday didn’t get through on the programme.

“I'd be devastated if they didn't get through,” she told Extra.

However, Keith, who joined Nicole for the interview, insisted: “You got to expose them to the real things in life.”

And Sunday is apparently fully aware of what would happen to her fledgling career if the judges on the show did not turn their chairs around for her.

But while Sunday told her parents she’d be “fine” in those circumstances, Nicole’s maternal instinct is stopping her from letting her join the show.

“You want to protect them, but have them follow their dreams,” she said.

Country singer Keith isn’t the only musician in the family however, with his spouse singing in hit film Moulin Rouge and recording a duet with Robbie Williams in 2001.

And during an appearance on Live with Kelly back in January, Nicole opened up about the musical performances she had before hitting the big time on the silver screen.

“I was in a band where I sang backups just because it was kind of fun and I wanted to meet boys!” she confessed. “Not because I had any talent.”

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