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Kidman’s ‘simple life’

Nicole Kidman says she needs to balance her glamorous Hollywood affairs with a “normal” daily existence in Nashville.

The 46-year-old Australian actress lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her country musician husband Keith Urban and their two daughters, Sunday, five, and Faith, three.

Although Nicole is a Hollywood icon, she appreciates living in the American South, as it is thousands of miles away from Los Angeles’ chaotic movie industry.

“It feels like a normal life,” she said of her experience of living in Nashville during an appearance on The Queen Latifah Show.

“I’m a weird mix, I love the drama and the creating of a role in a performance and all that comes with that, but I also like to have the white picket fence life and all that comes with that. So I like the routine of family and breakfast together and dinner together, I don’t need much, I don’t need to be going out at night. I’m a bit of a homebody, so it totally suits me to live in the South and have a very simple life.”

The stunning star divorced Tom Cruise after 11 years of marriage in 2001 and the pair share daughter Isabella, 21, and son Connor, 19.

Nicole finds her second marriage with Keith particularly profound, as the union has a restorative effect on the both of them.

“I suppose just the aspect of love having that power to heal is certainly relevant in some marriages,” she shared.

“You kind of move into each other and discover and heal a lot of things in each other too. It’s very healing when gently done.”

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