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Kiefer Sutherland exhausted by grandsons

Kiefer Sutherland feels like he's earned a medal whenever he looks after his grandson.

The 45-year-old actor's step-daughter Michelle has two young boys. Kiefer loves spending time with the children, although he sometimes finds it hard keeping up with them.

"I raised two daughters. You can sit down with little girls and maybe even have a little nap. With my grandsons there is no way of even thinking about rest," he laughed. "After one hour with them I am totally finished and I feel like I have earned a medal."

Although he is still relatively young, Kiefer is happy with the family he already has. The Canadian star has no plans to become a father again in the future.

"That time is over for me. I have my hands full with what I have," he told German TV station Tele 5.

Kiefer has 24-year-old daughter Sarah with his ex-wife Camelia Kath, who is also Michelle's mother.

He has previously recalled how difficult he found it when Sarah started at school.

"This is like stalker territory but I remember I used to sit out in front of the school just to see how my daughter Sarah was getting on with the other kids," he recalled.

"I was petrified that I would drive up there one day and see all the kids playing and she'd be standing alone in the corner.

"Whenever I felt like something was wrong with her, it would just break my heart."

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