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Kiefer Sutherland: I'd torture for daughter

Kiefer Sutherland doesn't support torture, but would be more inclined to use it if someone was to threaten his family.

The American star plays crime-fighting counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer in hit TV series 24. Jack has saved the world on numerous occasions and isn't against implementing unethical ways to extract information from the show's villains. In real life though, Kiefer is not an advocate of torture.

"I can say I don’t believe in torture and I believe in due process and innocent until proven guilty,” Kiefer revealed to the British edition of Esquire magazine. “Having said that, if somebody had kidnapped my daughter in real life and I had someone in my hands who knew her whereabouts, then I would tear them apart until I got her back.”

Kiefer is father to 26-year old daughter Sarah, who he had with his first wife Camelia Kath. He's also stepdad to Camelia's daughter Michelle Kath, and grandfather to her two sons.

Turning 45 two years ago was a pivotal moment for the actor, who suddenly saw his life flash before his eyes.

"That was the first age I ever hit where I started doing the maths - ‘In five years I will be 50. Oh my God, in ten years I’ll be 55. In 20 years I will be 65. At 65 you get half-price tickets to f**king movies, holy sh*t," he laughed.

Joking aside, the Mirrors actor says settling into his 40s also made him realise how grateful he is.

"It made me acknowledge how much I’ve enjoyed my life. I’ve got a really wonderful family, and some fantastic friends," he smiled.

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