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Kiefer Sutherland reveals parenting pain

Kiefer Sutherland feels "pain and frustration" when he doesn't do his best for his children.

The actor has a biological daughter as well as two stepsons and a stepdaughter. Raising his kids has been Kiefer's most important job and he often worries he hasn't done enough for them.

"My youngest daughter is 24. My oldest daughter is in her thirties, so they've come round the other side. I have two grandsons. I don't think anybody who has a child doesn't want the best they can possibly get for that child," he mused. "The great pain and frustration of parenthood comes when we feel we aren't doing that."

The 45-year-old star portrays the father of a child with special needs in his new TV show Touch. The boy doesn't speak and also dislikes physical contact, while Kiefer's character Martin is still grieving following the death of his wife.

"My character's fight is really with child services, who are trying to take his son from him," the actor explained to British newspaper The Independent. "He wants to have as normal a relationship as he possibly can with him, which I think every parent can relate to."

Kiefer has an interesting relationship with his own father, Donald Sutherland. Donald and Kiefer's mother Shirley Douglas divorced when he was three and he was raised by his mother, with little contact with his dad.

The two men got closer when Kiefer grew up and he has no hard feelings about his childhood.

"I feel that I've been really fortunate where my family is concerned," he said. "I grew up with my mother and I have a very, very close relationship with my father now."

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