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Kiefer Sutherland was fearful father

Kiefer Sutherland entered "stalker territory" with his daughter when she was little.

The Canadian star has 24-year-old daughter Sarah with his ex-wife Camelia Kath. He can vividly remember how worried he was when she first started school. Kiefer was petrified that she would struggle to fit in so decided to check out how things were going.

"This is like stalker territory but I remember I used to sit out in front of the school just to see how my daughter Sarah was getting on with the other kids," he recalled.

"I was petrified that I would drive up there one day and see all the kids playing and she'd be standing alone in the corner.

"Whenever I felt like something was wrong with her, it would just break my heart."

The actor was reminiscing about his daughter's childhood as he plays the father of a young boy in his new TV show Touch.

Having just finishing work on eight seasons of 24 the star was planning to take some time away from the small screen to focus on other activities.

"I was doing a play on Broadway, I was going off to do a film in India - these were all small, personal projects I wanted to do during the nine years doing 24," he told British newspaper The Sun.

However, the script proved too tempting and now Kiefer is eagerly anticipating how fans will react to Touch.

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