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Kiefer ‘wants to buy London pub’

Kiefer Sutherland thinks the drinking establishments in England are the world’s best.

The 47-year-old actor spent a long while filming his new TV series 24: Live Another Day in the British capital and he absolutely fell in love with the drinking establishments there.

Kiefer is so impressed by pub culture he is considering getting into the business.

“I would love to buy a pub in London, that would be so cool,” he told UK newspaper The Sun.

“I wouldn’t be looking for it to be a super-trendy place, just a real British pub where real locals come for a drink.”

Kiefer is convinced the ambience of these pubs can’t be replicated elsewhere.

And for this reason he believes it might be necessary to purchase a drinking establishment in London.

“British pubs are the best in the world. They are pretty much the only ones that have any authenticity about them,” he explained.

“Every country in the world tries to recreate or replicate a British or Irish pub but they never get it quite right.”

After a four-year hiatus, fans of the double Golden Globe-winning thriller series 24 are overjoyed that a sequel is finally back on the small screen. While the show's premise hasn't changed, the location has moved across the pond to London with hero Jack toughened by his past experiences.

"He’s harder now. He’s estranged from his country and family. He’s been branded a criminal and had to hide underground for four years. He’s incredibly p**sed off, he’s lonely… and he’s not drinking," Kiefer mused to British newspaper Metro recently.

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