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Kim and Rob's 'heated exchange'

Kim Kardashian reportedly thinks her brother Rob is "lazy".

The 27-year-old sock designer skipped his sister's wedding to Kanye West in Florence, Italy, last Saturday, jetting back to Los Angeles shortly after he arrived in the city.

Rob has made headlines recently due to his weight gain, which is reportedly one of the reasons he and Kim have drifted apart. It is also thought to have triggered an argument between the pair while the family were in Paris ahead of the big day last weekend.

“Kim and Rob haven’t been speaking to each other for months... she thinks he is lazy, and bringing down the family name because of his physical appearance," a source told "After arriving in Paris, Rob and Kim got into a very heated argument because she thought he was just moping around the hotel. She encouraged him to go out and sight see, which he declined to do."

Kim is also believed to have lashed out at Rob and it is claimed the 33-year-old beauty took things further by making big accusations.

“This made her extremely angry, and they exchanged words. During the course of the argument, Rob was accused by Kim of leaking negative stories about her to the press. That was the final straw for Rob, because that is something he would never do," the insider added.

“So, he packed his bags, and left Paris before the wedding. He wanted nothing to do with it, and thought it was ridiculous that Kim’s third marriage was so over the top.”

After his wedding no show, Rob deleted his entire Twitter history earlier this week. His

recent behaviour is said to be worrying those close to him.

“Friends at the wedding expressed serious concern for him," an insider told People. "When I saw him, it looked like something was very wrong."

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