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Kim Cattrall: Sex starts in brain

Kim Cattrall views going into menopause as “an awakening” of sorts.

The former Sex and the City actress played Samantha Jones in the hit HBO show, a smouldering single woman who was constantly embroiled in passionate affairs.

And Kim, who has been divorced three times in the past, doesn’t really care too much about what her romantic partner looks like.

“The men I’ve been with have all been pleasant-enough looking. But for me, sex starts in the brain,” she told British newspaper The Guardian. “What’s going on lower down doesn’t make me want to possess someone; it’s usually a little twinkle about them or a sense of humour.”

Kim is now 58 years old and has experienced menopause.

However, she loves this epoch as it’s proven to be empowering.

“The menopause was an awakening,” she noted. “People always talk of it as a sort of downturn for women, a negative thing, but I saw it as the start of new phase, a final chapter. It was: ‘What shall I do for the next 30 or 40 years, and with whom?’”

Kim has no children of her own and she likes it this way.

The star believes women without kids are no less maternal than mothers.

“There is still a stigma attached to people who don’t want to have kids,” Kim said. “But listen: I don’t know a kid who thanks their parents for the nappies they changed. Although I always thought I would have a family, I’ve found other ways to channel a maternal instinct, and I think the young people I know relate to me because I’ve lived a different life from their parents.”

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