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Kim Kardashian ‘dreading labour’

Kim Kardashian is reportedly dreading labour.

The reality TV star is expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend Kanye West.

With her July due date getting closer, the curvaceous brunette has been seeking out methods to relax, including acupuncture.

Kim took to Facebook to post a picture of herself undergoing the treatment, labelling the snap “Oh just relaxing”.

Despite reassurances from her older sister Kourtney, who has two children, the A-lister is apparently feeling nervous about the impending birth.

“She knows billions of women do it all around the world with no problems, but Kim can’t imagine herself going through labour and is terrified of the pain,” a source confided to UK magazine Star.

“She recognised that she needed help and has taken measures to calm her nerves.”

Kim hasn’t had an easy time since falling pregnant, with many outsiders criticising the star for putting on weight and wearing unflattering maternity clothes.

Her sister Khloé recently hit out critics, branding them “disgusting”.

"You should be enjoying your pregnancy, and eating what you want - Kim is healthy and works out and does everything in moderation," she seethed.

"I think it's disgusting anyone would pick on anyone's weight - especially a pregnant person."

Kim also experienced a pregnancy scare, which was reportedly down to not resting enough.

The 32-year-old has since assured fans that she and the baby are doing well.

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