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Kim Kardashian's cousin defends Humphries union

Kim Kardashian's cousin Cindy Behr insists her marriage to Kris Humphries wasn't a "sham" and that the reality TV beauty was "truly smitten."

The reality TV beauty famously married basketball player Kris in a lavish wedding in August 2011 and filed for divorce just 72 days later after realising the union couldn’t last.

Kris has refused to walk away with a simple dissolution as he claims the wedding was fraudulent and Kim used their marriage for publicity.

Kim's cousin Cindy Behr insists this wasn't the case.

"It wasn't a sham - her heart was in the right place. She got so overwhelmed from trying to please so many people at once that she lost track a bit. Kim is such a hard worker and is always trying to please every single family member and business person, and the whole thing snowballed and took a life of its own," she revealed in an interview with Heat magazine.

"She loved him. When they first met and dated, she was truly smitten and that lasted a very long time. There was no fraud involved, but maybe [there was] just a bit of misguided love."

Kim and her current beau Kanye West are expecting their first child together and the messy divorce proceedings are said to be weighing heavily on the raven-haired star.

Earlier this month, Kris' family spoke out about the "sham" marriage, with his uncle even saying about Kanye: "He’s a chump getting mixed up with her.”

Kim is reportedly drained from the constant negative press surrounding her situation.

"Kim has been left furious and is incredibly hurt. Kris seems to be desperately trying to shame Kim right now. All she wants to do is concentrate on being healthy throughout her pregnancy and her current relationship, but with her name continually being dragged through the mud, it's a very stressful situation," a source told the magazine.

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