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Saturday 19 April 2014

Kimberly Wyatt reveals rift with Scherzinger

Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly Wyatt has opened up about her tense relationship with former Pussycat Dolls bandmate Nicole Scherzinger.

The 31-year-old singer performed alongside the Nicole, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta and Melody Thornton for over five years before the girl group split in 2010.

There were hints of tension behind the scenes as one by one the women announced their departures.

Kimberly was the second to go, following her bandmate Jessica, who claimed she was ousted after suffering from a broken rib on tour.

Kimberly meanwhile said she was tired of “variables off stage” and “just couldn’t do it anymore” in an interview with UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

Three years later she now admits her decision to leave followed a serious feud with Nicole. The Dolls frontwoman went solo after the split.

Kimberly told British newspaper The Mirror the pair have yet to patch up their relationship.

“I have not spoken to or seen Nicole in quite some time... and that’s not through lack of trying,” she insisted.

“I’ve made enough first moves now, I feel the ball is in her court.”

The singer-turned-DJ says regardless of their differences she wishes Nicole success in her solo endeavours. She also said she would eagerly accept a peace offering.

“Our dealings together weren’t always easy – it wasn’t an easy situation to be in, in the Pussycat Dolls, period. But I have a lot of love for Nicole and if she offered [to make peace] I would accept it with open arms,” Kimberly said.

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