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Kim's 'dedicated butt room'

Kim Kardashian is reportedly building a room in her new house dedicated to her butt, filled with the latest gym equipment and laser technology.

The curvaceous reality TV queen is well known for her pert derrière, which seems to have become much more shapely in recent years.

While rumours persist that Kim's had extensive work done on her backside, the new Mrs Kanye West insists it's all real. And to help her in the quest to retain the perfect butt, friends say she's having a room built in her new house solely dedicated to the body part.

"The room will have butt-toning gym equipment, including the ProForm Booty Firm, the Yukon Fitness Butt and Thigh Shaper, the Suzanne Somers Buttmaster and a range of butt-toning belts and resistance bands," a friend reeled off to British magazine Grazia.

And if all those butt targeted machines don't do the trick, 33-year-old Kim will also have the help of the latest technology to hand.

"There's also a dedicated cellulite-busting area with a laser machine, and a 'bum spa', which will be a pampering and treatment area for her bottom. She's even hired a 'butt expert' in addition to her personal trainer, who'll be responsible for her work-out every day," added the insider.

Prior to her nuptials, which took place in Florence, Italy in May, Kim had been spotted showing off her body on holiday in Thailand.

Cavorting around the beach in teeny gold bikini, many believed Kim was in Asia to undergo extreme Thai beauty rituals including the ancient procedure of butt, face and breast slapping.

"She did a huge amount of research before the trip, and when she was there she got up early every morning to undertake as many different Thai beautifying procedures as possible, no matter how ridiculous they sounded," a source commented.

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