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Friday 18 April 2014

Kingsland Rd knew Tamera would stay

Kingsland Road were the fourth act voted out of The X Factor

X Factor rejects Kingsland Road have admitted that as soon as they were pitted against Tamera Foster in the judges' vote, they knew she would win.

The boy band were the fourth act to be voted out of the ITV singing contest and the second of mentor Gary Barlow's groups to leave the competition.

JJ Thompson said: "When we knew we were going up against Tamera, we knew we were going home."

Josh Zare agreed: "She is a star, outright, and everyone knows that. She just looks like a star. She doesn't even have to open her mouth. We kind of thought [with the sing off] let's just give it everything we've got, we might as well, it's probably going to be our last performance on the show."

Jay Scott, who recently said he was planning to try his luck with a newly-single Tamera, stayed quiet about what had gone on between them, saying: "Nothing, we're just friends for now."

The boys agreed they would like to see their last remaining category mates Rough Copy win the show and Josh said of the dwindling numbers in Gary's Groups and Sharon Osbourne's Overs: "Two of the categories have still got all their acts and Gary and Sharon, they've got one left. Hopefully, Rough Copy and Sam Bailey will go a long way now."

JJ revealed they had been excited to get Gary as a mentor: "We could have got anyone and been happy, but when we got Gary, we were like 'Yes!' Take That and all the experience he's had, he passed on and it was amazing."

Gary voiced his frustration in Sunday night's results show that what he felt were the wrong acts ended up in the bottom two, saying: "The public have got it wrong tonight."

Josh said the band had appreciated their mentor's comments: "I think we took it as a compliment because it means that he credits us as good singers because he thought that the weaker vocalists should have been in the bottom two instead."

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