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Kirsten Dunst fishes for compliments

Kirsten Dunst has quipped that Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen didn't find working with her "horrible".

The actress takes on a lead role in The Two Faces of January, a drama which sees her character Colette embroiled in a love triangle with her husband Chester, played by Viggo Mortensen and a mysterious man they meet in Greece, Rydal, played by Oscar Isaac.

At a London press conference for the film she was quizzed on working with the handsome actors and quipped she was outraged that she didn't receive more compliments.

"Hey, what about me? It wasn't horrible to work with me either!" she laughed in mock horror to Cover Media.

"It's always about the boys right?"

The film tells the story of American couple Colette and Chester who take a vacation in Greece in order to avoid clients Chester has scammed. When he commits an unforeseen crime while abroad, they become reliant on a local tour guide - Rydal - to help them out.

The story is very much about Chester and Rydal's relationship, but Kirsten, 32, was keen to be more than "the girl" in the film.

"I talked to Hoss [director Hossein Amini] and I know that first he was interested in casting someone a little younger than me, to have that innocence maybe, or the flightiness of a woman who married rich," she admitted.

"But really what's more interesting is creating a real dynamic between us; a real husband and wife. And yes, maybe she's disillusioned a bit by the money and the glamour, but I think that Colette truly loves Chester, and to make this dynamic interesting we needed a more filled-out woman, rather than just 'the girl in the film'. That's not interesting to me and I don't think it's interesting for anyone else."

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