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Kirsten Dunst: I could handle Hitchcock

Kirsten Dunst can see the similarities between her latest role and those in Alfred Hitchcock movies.

The 32-year-old actress has been called a “classic Hitchcock blonde” on numerous occasions throughout her career. In her latest film, Two Faces of January, Kirsten fulfils the brief perfectly as a character with a secret, but it’s a comparison that doesn’t bother her.

“I definitely felt like this film had a Hitchcockian feel about it but I was a Hossein Amini girl!” she told Cover Media at the London press conference for the film.

“I heard he was a real piece of work! But I’ve worked with some real pieces of work in my time, I could handle Hitchcock.”

The thriller, which also stars Viggo Mortensen and Oscar Isaac, is set in the 1960s and Iranian-British screenwriter Hossein Amini served as director.

According to Kristen the whole cast had a great time throughout the filming process.

“We hung out a lot together. I feel like we always were in the hotel lobby, in the front room eating meat and cheese sandwiches!” she added with a laugh to Cover Media.

One person who she got on particularly well with is her on-screen love interest Viggo. The 55-year-old plays her wealthy American husband and Kirsten revealed she didn’t find it hard to pretend she loved him.

“Viggo is a gorgeous man, so it wasn't that difficult to have chemistry with Viggo,” she told the Mail Online. “He's really funny, which a lot of people wouldn't expect, and we had a really good time together.”

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