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Kirstie Alley 'preoccupied with pets'

Kirstie Alley is reportedly struggling to find love because she is so obsessed with her pets.

The 61-year-old actress hasn't been in a serious relationship since her romance with James Wilder fell apart in 2000.

Although she would love to find a partner, Kirstie's pets come first. She has adopted a pack of lemurs who live in the garden of her Los Angeles home and also has cats, dogs, chinchillas and rabbits.

"Kirstie's lemurs and other pets can be a real handful. Plus, she treats them like her babies. A lot of guys she meets are turned off by that!" a source laughed to National Enquirer.

The lemurs are a new addition to Kirstie's home and are apparently struggling to settle in. They get frisky when the sun goes down and make a lot of noise, which hasn't proved popular with her neighbours.

"Several people have complained they can't sleep because of the ruckus," the insider giggled.

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