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Kirstie: Drugs made me move

Kirstie Alley found it "pretty damn easy" to begin her acting career once she arrived in Los Angeles.

The 63-year-old actress was born and raised in Midwest America, where she attended high school and college. She eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, starting with appearances on game shows such as Match Game and The Price is Right.

Kirstie has been open about her former drug addiction and has now revealed it was one of the reasons she upped sticks to the City of Angels.

"The truth of how I escaped Kansas is being high. I was drugged out of my mind on cocaine, and I got in the car, and I left to go to California. If I hadn’t been drugged out, I would never have been able to realise my dream," she recalled to Parade magazine. "It sounds so stupid but to extricate myself from Wichita, Kansas, really took some doing. That was [over] 30 years ago. With reality shows, and things like that on TV now, people probably feel a little more hopeful that they could make something of themselves. But at that time, 30 years ago, it was just like, 'How could I possibly dare to think that I could go be a star? How could I possibly think that?'"

Kirstie credits Scientology with saving her from her habit and helping her get sober. And her path was paved relatively effortlessly thanks to her place of birth, landing her big roles such as Lt. Saavik in sci-fi flick Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Rebecca Howe in sitcom Cheers.

"I was very, very lucky and I have to say it was pretty damn easy, but it worked for me: people were going, 'Now where are you from?' and they were used to hearing New York or Chicago, and I’m like, 'Wichita, Kansas.' That piqued the interest there," she smiled. "I started acting in 81. Around that time it was interesting to people if you’d come from the Midwest. There was no social media, it was like you were an alien."

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