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Kit Harington: Don’t overdo sad scenes

Kit Harington only cries at films when he's on a plane.

The 28-year-old star is best known for portraying Jon Snow on Game of Thrones but he now appears in Testament of Youth, a tale of one woman's coming of age during World War I.

It's bound to bring a tear to the eyes of the audience and while Kit doesn't mind a good cry, he's not keen on forced moments.

"I don't get weepy during films apart from when I'm on a plane," he explained to Total Film magazine.

"I don't like it when a movie shoves it down your throat. Hopefully this doesn't. This just tells the truth."

It's quite a different part from his Game of Thrones role, which is full of nudity and violence. But there was another reason he was so keen to appear in Testament of Youth.

"I studied the book at school so when it came through it piqued my interest. I immediately knew I wanted to do it," Kit explained.

"I haven't done a character piece in a while so this was something to get stuck into. It's not often you get to portray someone from history in such an amazing period. It's also a chance to play a 19-year-old and I'm 28, so that was flattering."

Kit is still sometimes shocked by how far he's made it.

“I didn’t really think I’d be a leading man in any respect whatsoever. At drama school in my third year I was resigned to the fate of being Young Male Rape Victim No. 2. That was the kind of category I was put in," he previously told GQ.

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