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Kit Harington: I buy silk for Xmas

Kit Harington wants to be the centre of attention on Boxing Day, as it's his birthday.

The handsome actor was previously linked to his Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie but is thought to be single after the brief relationship ended last year. That hasn't stopped him from sharing what he'd buy a girlfriend during the festive season though, insisting he puts a lot of effort into gifts.

"I think you should leave off jewellery until a good year, unless it's love at first sight and you really need to make a statement," he explained to ASOS magazine. "A silk dressing gown - that can be a good present for a girl..."

Kit is quite the romantic and admits he has turned to poetry in the past to woo a lady. The rhymes come to him spontaneously though rather than on demand.

"I've written soppy ones to girlfriends," he smiled. "I couldn't just write one now, but sometimes I get a subject in my head and I can't work it out unless I write it down."

The British star has no big plans for Christmas and says it will be a "standard affair" at the Harington household. It does give him a chance to unwind though – especially on December 26.

"You know, get drunk over dinner and then relax in front of the TV. We're good, we never row, until Boxing Day that is..." he grinned. "I get very 'me, me, me' on Boxing Day. I have to - it's my birthday."

He may even be helping in the kitchen after showing off about making a delicious slow-cooked rack of lamb with roast vegetables and British speciality Yorkshire puddings.

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