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Kit Harington: I could be killed off

Kit Harington says working on Game of Thrones and making movies is the best of both worlds.

The British star takes on the role of Jon Snow in the smash hit fantasy series, but says working on the show can be a minefield when it comes to your contract. That's because of its epic battle scenes, which often result in the death of numerous characters.

"You're not guaranteed to have that work coming in with Thrones because you don't know if your character's going to pop their clogs or not," Kit laughed to British newspaper Metro. "You sign up to these things for however many years and then pray you like the people you're around and that the show is good, not something mediocre that keeps going because it makes money.

"Thrones has a great cast and we're all good friends, and I get six months or so to do other stuff, which is the best of both worlds."

The 27-year-old has been using his time off to progress into the world of movies, and so far this year has taken on the lead in Pompeii and voiced Eret in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Next up is war drama Testament of Youth, which hits cinemas in January.

"I was very lucky in that it all worked out timing-wise and it was brilliant work by my agent to get it all lined up like that. I'm a young actor and want to work as much I can - and given the opportunity to work, I'll jump at it," he smiled.

"We had three weeks to do [Testament of Youth], so it was intense. It's also about World War I, with young men going off and dying. I really enjoyed it but at the same time it was strain."

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