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Kit Harington wants solid relationship

Kit Harington thinks a "solid" relationship can only be built if you meet later on in life.

The Game of Thrones actor has always been quiet about his love life, but was linked to co-star Rose Leslie in the past.

He uses his parents' marriage as inspiration and hopes that one day he will also find happiness with a special someone.

"I'd love to have that one day," he revealed to the latest edition of British magazine Marie Claire. "But it takes a lot of work to maintain, and I'm sure they had their problems, not that we were ever aware of them.

"My parents didn't meet until well into their thirties, and I'm sure that's why it's lasted. I think it's important to start as late as possible if you want a solid relationship."

Kit, 27, plays Jon Snow on the popular show and admits that fans often think of him as the hunky character rather than a real person.

However, he recently managed to charm one fan simply by being himself.

"I was outside a New York hotel the other day and this woman was very heavily pregnant," he recalled. "We got chatting because she loved the show and I asked her when the baby was due.

"She told me she was having a boy but didn't know what to call him or what would go with her surname, Nathan.

"She asked me what my name was, because she only knew me as Jon Snow, and when I told her, we both looked at each other and said, 'Kit Nathan!'"

Kit says the woman proceeded to call her husband and they settled on the moniker there and then.

Prior to Game of Thrones, the star was relatively unknown. He never expected the show to blow up the way that it has.

"I've always been a bit naive and never expect anything," he shrugged. "I go into a project, do the best I can, then try to forget about it and move on. That way you're never disappointed. If it turns out to be a big hit like Thrones, that's one massive bonus."

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