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Kit: My bus poster held up filming

Kit Harington couldn't take the bus while his face was all over them.

The star found his big break as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones and now he can also be seen as a former agent in thriller Spooks: The Greater Good.

But while he was busy filming the drama in London, he was surprised to find a bus with his ripped torso going past in the background. It was in fact an advert for his 2014 adventure flick Pompeii and caused Spooks director Bharat Nalluri to yell 'cut'.

"It was funny for the first two buses," he laughed to Empire magazine. "It was just me standing by a volcano. I love taking the bus, but I couldn't use them the whole time that was going on. I'd have been sitting a foot above my own head.

"I got a few texts [from my friends] saying, 'By the way, you're f**king everywhere.'"

It's not just his pals that keep Kit's feet firmly on the ground. He's also very close to his family and will often approach them for career advice.

"They can look at [things] from a completely detached perspective, without your ambition being involved," he reasoned, adding that his brother pushed him to take the role in Spooks.

"He told me [the show] was really great and I should do it. I'd only seen one episode, but I remember there was a bomb in a school and it actually went off. The bombs not supposed to go off! They're supposed to save the day. I liked that about it."

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