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Klass: Islanders thought I was hilarious!

Myleene Klass' Western ways made for laughter on the remote island of Mogmog in Micronesia.

The TV personality has been busy shooting her new show with the Ulithi tribe on the remote island of Mogmog in Micronesia.

Some of her Western ways greatly amused the natives - especially when she told them that some people pay great amounts of money to enhance their breasts.

“They didn’t get off the ground for half an hour from laughing. They were like, ‘You what? You cut yourself open and fill your body with plastic bags?’ So maybe that was really horrific for them," she told British newspaper The Sun.

Typically, the Ulithi women go topless and cover their bottom half with a skirt or sarong. However, Myleene didn't embrace their way of dressing.

"They said I could go topless, but the women thought my bikini was so funny. I wore bras, bikinis and T-shirts — it’s still going out to a Western audience," she said.

But while Myleene remained modest by Western standards, her trousers caused some confusion on the island. A two-legged silhouette is deemed provocative on women on Mogmog and her jeans made for quite a stir.

“Something got lost in translation because I was told I couldn’t show my knees, but when I got there I was told I couldn’t show any discernible two legs above the knee. Mind the gap!” she laughed.

Singing in the Rainforest sees Myleene make music with the islanders and will air on Watch at 9pm tonight.

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