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Saturday 19 April 2014

Klum and Brown bond over motherhood

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum and Melanie Brown have dismissed rumours claws will come out on America’s Got Talent after bonding over motherhood on set.

The German supermodel and former Spice Girl have both landed gigs as judges on the hit US television show.

Contrary to critics’ fears, the women are far from adversaries.

“She’s lovely, absolutely adorable,” Mel B told Access Hollywood.

Melanie has previously worked on the Australian version of The X Factor and as co-host of the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars last year.

Heidi meanwhile has hosted Project Runway and Germany’s Next Topmodel.

But it’s motherhood that has cemented their bond.

“She’s a mom like me!” Mel gushed as the ladies took a break from filming in New Orleans, Louisiana this week.

The former Spice Girl has a daughter with husband Stephen Belafonte and two children from previous relationships. She is also stepmother to the movie producer’s eldest daughter.

Heidi meanwhile has three children with estranged husband Seal and an older daughter from a previous relationship.

The model said their connection as matriarchs has helped them see eye-to-eye.

And she rejects the idea that “claws will come out” just because they’re both strong, business-minded women.

“We might have claws, but I don’t think they will be scratching!” she mused.

The ladies join Howard Stern and Howie Mandel on the panel, following Sharon Osbourne’s exit after season seven.

Sharon quit the show last year amid controversy regarding NBC and her son Jack.

The 60-year-old claimed that the network fired Jack from his reality series as a result of his multiple sclerosis.

Season eight of America’s Got Talent is scheduled to premiere in May.

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