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Klum ‘smelled like cheese’ at Talent

Heidi Klum is certain she “smelled like cheese” on one of her first days at work on America’s Got Talent and the issue hasn’t gone away because she’s required to recycle her outfits.

The 39-year-old German supermodel recently landed a job on the judging panel of the hit US television competition.

Because auditions aren’t aired live, she’s often required to replicate her look several days in a row for re-takes. She admits that stink ensues as a result.

“It’s so weird, because I wear this today, I wear this tomorrow and I wear this the next day. I know people do that in the movies - they always have to look the same - but that, for me, is weird,” she confessed to America’s OK! magazine.

Heidi feels the worst for fellow judges Melanie Brown, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, who have to sit next to her when she smells her most sour.

She vividly remembers her first day on the job in New Orleans, Louisiana, when her efforts to have her dress dry cleaned backfired.

“I got it back the next day. It was damp, in a plastic bag, so I smell like cheese the whole day,” she said.

Her co-stars weren’t shy about letting her know.

“Howard is like ‘what is that smell?’ I’m like ‘it’s me! It’s the dress! It’s cheese!’ It was awful,” she admitted.

The supermodel decided to experiment by skipping the dry cleaners. But she soon realised her own stale scent wasn’t much better.

“The next time, when we were in San Antonio, I was like ‘I’m just not going to do that again,’ so it was just [smelling], like, me. Not the cheese,” she mused, adding, “the dry cleaner might be a little better.”

Heidi will make her debut on America’s Got Talent on June 4.

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