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Knight hit-and-run victim ‘cries on the stand’

The man who was run over by Suge Knight’s car, Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan, has refused to “snitch” on the Death Row Records founder while testifying in court on Monday.

The 49-year-old Death Row Records founder is currently in prison awaiting trial for the alleged murder of 55-year-old man Terry Carter and attempted murder of Sloan after striking both men with his car during an altercation in Compton, California on January 29.

A preliminary hearing was held on the matter Monday April 13 to determine whether there is enough evidence to bring Knight to trial and according to the Los Angeles Times, Sloan broke down in tears on the witness stand.

"I don't want it to get misconstrued that I told on this man," he said while pointing at Knight. "I'm no snitch. I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison.”

TMZ reports Sloan took the blame on himself by stating, “I screwed up and Terry's dead.” Apparently he insisted being subpoenaed and obligated by law to make an appearance was the only reason he made it to the witness stand this week.

Sloan, 51, seems to have been operating from a context prevalent in Los Angeles gang culture, which vilifies people for sharing information with authorities about crimes. Those who come forth and reveal knowledge about nefarious activity are dubbed “rats” or “snitches” by the gangster community. And being labelled a “snitch” can often signify life endangerment, as in extreme cases “rats” are killed for speaking out.

HipHollywood previously reported Sloan suffered a “very badly mangled left foot” with complaints of a head injury after being hit by Knight’s car in January.

According to police reports, Knight “aimed his car” at nemesis Bone, 55, and accidentally ran over his friend Terry in the process.

The former rap mogul fled the scene after his arrest but claimed he only did so because he was “confused” and didn’t realise anyone had been injured.

If Knight is found guilty of murder, he will receive a life sentence. He has pled not guilty to the charges before him and the case continues.

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