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Kris 'not setting up Kendall and Kylie'

Kris Jenner isn't trying to find boyfriends for her youngest daughters, says Kris' sister Karen Houghton.

Karen Houghton is Kris' younger sister, and while the siblings aren't currently talking, she's shed some life on how the Kardashian/Jenner clan live.

Far from being the "momager" she's portrayed to be, Karen says Kris only ever has her children's best interests at heart.

"Kris liked it when Kendall was with Harry Styles. He was such a great guy - very polite and respectful and, for someone so young, very mature. Kendall and Harry are still very good friends," Karen revealed to British magazine Now.

"Kris wants the best for her daughters and wants them to be happy with whomever they choose to be with. She can only support what all her daughters want because she wants the best for them and her whole family."

Touching on Kris's relationship with Kim's fiancé Kanye West, Karen admits that there used to be some animosity. But since the couple's engagement last October, any ill feelings have thawed.

"Kris was very protective of Kim at first and there were some tensions. She wanted to know her daughter was going to have a marriage that would be a success after the last time," Karen explained, referring to Kim's previous two failed marriages.

"Now that Kanye's shown he's committed to Kim, he and Kris are very close. She loves him. She thinks he treats Kim like a princess, which he does. Kris couldn't want for a better son-in-law."

Kim and Kanye are set to wed on May 24 in a lavish Parisian ceremony, and Karen is looking forward to celebrating with her niece.

"They want the ceremony to be absolutely perfect and I can't wait to see what they do. I'm told I'm invited!" she gushed.

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