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Kristen and Dax's strict calendar

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard "hold hands the whole day" while working together.

The 34-year-old actress and her husband Dax Shepard are proud parents to daughters Lincoln, two, and five-month-old Delta.

Both stars are often busy with work, with Kristen filming her TV show House of Lies and Dax shooting Parenthood, but they ensure their kids and home life remain their priority no matter what.

"We have a really specific family calendar because in order to maximise snuggle time for anybody, everything has to be organised, and we have to make sure no appointments overlap, and we have to make sure there’s always someone around for each kid," Kristen explained to People. "To stay working parents, I think the biggest trick is, we’ve become extraordinarily territorial of our home time with them. We won’t let anything eat into it."

Dax added that their little girls often join them on set, especially when the couple filmed commercials for Samsung appliances. The ads follow them as they try to navigate mixing their social life with parental duties.

It may be work, but for the pair it's a chance to spend quality time with one another.

"We pretty much hold hands the whole day while we shoot because when we’re at home, it’s mano a mano. One person’s got one kid, the other person’s got the other kid. So it’s a treat to get to shoot these things and work together," Kristen smiled.

"It’s our date night," Dax added.

Any spare moments they have are spent with their children, which Kristen and Dax enjoy every minute of.

"You know, what it really means is every single second that we’re not working, we’re here with the kids," Dax noted.

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