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Kristen Bell anxious about Mars

Kristen Bell hopes the fans that funded the Veronica Mars movie won't be disappointed with the outcome.

The blonde actress became a household name after playing Veronica in the hit TV series that ran for three years from 2004.

The 33-year-old actress is back playing the tough crime solving hero for a movie adaptation of the TV show.

Instead of being backed by studios the feature was financed by Kickstarter, a fundraising platform that allows fans to give money to different projects.

"Our Kickstarters who funded the movie are my priority, so I’m a bit nervous. Not nervous, but I’m hoping that everybody leaves the theatres satisfied,” Kristen confessed to Access Hollywood. “If new fans like it or people [who] didn’t Kickstart the movie, that’s just an added bonus for me.”

The movie had its New York premiere earlier this week, after a seven year break from TV screens.

Kristen was coy about what fans could expect from the film but teased it would be worth the wait for loyal followers.

“It’s hard to describe what you won’t expect. I mean, [creator] Rob [Thomas’] brain, when cracked wide open, is quite profound and scary and entertaining and wonderful. But it’s the same level of quality that we had in the series, just in movie form," she smiled.

The film stars many of the original cast, but a host of celebrities also make cameo appearances.

James Franco, Jamie Lee Curtis and Justin Long all pop up during the movie, something that thrilled Kristen.

“We just made a bunch of phone calls and asked people to be involved. We just lucked out that everyone wanted to be involved,” she laughed.

Following the film's much hyped comeback, there's now a rumoured Veronica Mars spin off TV series in the pipeline.

Kristen is adamant that the franchise still has life left in it and days she'd "absolutely" jump on board for any future projects.

“I think it could lead to just about anywhere our fans want it to go,” she assured.

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