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Kristen Bell: I'm just too stinky

Kristen Bell hopes one day all women realise they can have both a family and a career.

The 34-year-old actress has daughters Lincoln, two, and Delta, nearly four months old, with her husband Dax Shepard, splitting her time between parenting duties and her career.

Looking after the tots will always come first for Kristen, but being a mum does sometimes have its downsides.

"I love being a mother, and it is my first priority, but being a mom didn’t erase the rest of my identity," she explained to

"I think feeling like I’m being chased by the smell of sour milk, and always realising that it’s me, is probably the funniest thing I deal with. Saying, 'Oh, what stinks?' And then sniffing my shoulder and going, 'Oh, it’s just me.'"

While she found having one child didn't require much "coordination", Kristen admits having two little ones is a completely different story. To ensure nothing gets forgotten in her household the blonde star writes everything down, as she finds the task has to be on paper in order to get carried out.

Not all women are able to strike harmony between their family and their job; an issue which Kristen hopes will be resolved one day.

"I think that a lot of strides have been made with working women feeling like confident moms as well. We can still take steps forward in that arena because it’s important for a woman to realise that she can have both. I believe it is attainable," she added.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Kristen is determined to encourage her daughters to stay true to themselves as they get older. She hopes the girls will lead a life full of laughter and be satisfied with their upbringing.

"Sometimes [achieving your dreams] means leaning on other people and sometimes that means working long days. And sometimes that means taking a moment for yourself but in the end, it’s all worth it," she smiled.

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