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Kristen Bell 'intoxicated' by baby

Kristen Bell has gushed about motherhood, claiming her daughter is taking over her life.

The actress and her fiancé Dax Shepard welcomed baby Lincoln into the world in March this year.

Kristen has thrown herself head first into motherhood, admitting her daughter has taken over her life.

"She's fabulous," she exclaimed to Us Weekly. "I love [motherhood]! She's absolutely intoxicating!"

Kristen is currently promoting her new animated film Frozen, in which she voices Anna. The 33-year-old star can't wait to bond with her child over cartoons when she's a little older.

"They were the first movies I remember being obsessed with as a kid. I've seen the Little Mermaid 100 times, I've seen Aladdin 100 times. And I can quote all of them! Just the idea that I'm actually involved in one and had creative input on who I wanted this girl to be is a dream come true," she smiled.

"I hope she likes [Frozen]! Just my luck she'll hate cartoons or something! I feel so lucky I get to pass this down to her one day."

Kristen recently claimed her sound in the recording studio changed after pregnancy.

“The pregnancy did change my voice. It made it deeper,” she said to People. “There were more womanly tones when I did one recording while I was extremely pregnant. After I had the baby, I had to go back and re-record those lines so they matched. There was something different about my voice.”

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